Saturday, August 18, 2012

Off page SEO or search engine
optimisation is doing things off site to
improve your sites search engine
rankings. The only thing you can do
off site to incraese your rankings is
build up more links. More links will
generally lead to better Google
PageRank and better search engine
When you are trying to get more
links you need to think about quality,
not all links are created equal and
links from low quality sites will have
little or no impact on your rankings.
The best types of links that you can
get are from trusted sources such as
universities, newspapers and even
some of the top notch directories
such as dmoz and Yahoo.
It is sometimes difficult to spot the
good links; here are a few questions
you should ask yourself when you
are looking at sites or pages to get
links from:
Is this site or page relevant to what I
Is this site linking out to any low
quality off topic sites?
Is this site or page going to send the
right sort of traffic?
Is this site or page ranking well in the
search engines?
Does this site have a lot of links from
other websites?
Another important factor is the way
that the sites link to you, sites that
use the rel=nofollow tag to link to
you or sites that use a redirect to link
to you will not help you, also the
search engines look at the text that
links to you, if you are trying to rank
for the phrase blue widgets and you
can get a site to link to you including
that phrase in the text or alt tag of
the link then that is going to help
you to rank higher for that particular
Take these things into consideration,
then check out our
link building
articles and you are on your way
towards good off page SEO and good
rankings in the search engines.

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