Monday, August 13, 2012

Google's competitors can't catch up

Google has a philosophy that fuels
their company engine. Their goal was
never to become big. Their goal was
to start big. Few companies have
been able to state such a goal and
back it up. This philosophy in my
opinion, is what placed them at the
head of being the company to
compete with and imitate. It is what
keeps them ahead of competitors.
They thrive on it.Another philosophy they have is,
"What if?" Having been an artist for
many years, I can relate to that
question. It is powerful. It is also a lot
of fun. They are two words that can
break a creative block and release
the creative juice to start flowing
again. Two simple words: What if?
But the key is to be able to exercise
the possibilities that question
proposes. You must be willing to go
where it takes you and either have
the skills and expertise to do so or,
acquire them. You cannot be afraid of
failure. It is the only key that opens
the door to success.
Many try to unravel the Google
mystique by researching their
company operations. They have
spent man hours trying to figure out
the secret of their algorithms.
Millions are spent competing with
them as a business model and trying
to imitate it.
The real secret behind their success
escapes most of us. It is a simple child
like faith and imagination, unleashed
within a think big business attitude
at Googleplex. They have managed
to integrate a conservative business
model into their company blueprint
without sacrificing the
entrepreneurial spirit.
They approach business with a
youthful zeal to experiment. They
are in the very real sense of the
word, true entrepreneurs. While most
companies focus on the 9 to 5, CEO
aspect of operations, Google master-
minds the back bone of the
entrepreneurial spirit:
Experimentation, start ups and
fulfilling dreams.
What makes them excel is including
the user in their dreams and
ambitions for success with little or no
cost to the user involved. They not
only share the wealth, but the
information needed to succeed with
the little guy.
Google challenges the user to excel.
Users rule the Internet and World
Wide Web. Neither could exist
without us. The first rule of thumb
on the Internet is: Serve the end
user. They have made a science and
an art out of it.
By putting the user first as their
foundation, Google manages to stay
ahead of their competitors. They now
represent value and trust in the eyes
of millions.
If Google ever veers from that
primary objective, other competitors
will take their place in the industry
within weeks. As it stands, no one
can get ahead of Google for one
reason, they are happily married to
serving the end users' needs with no
divorce in sight.

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