Monday, August 13, 2012

How to keep website visitors on your site

You may have visited thousands of
websites already if you regularly surf
internet. But how many of them do
you really like to visit again and
again? Many webmasters and web
designers forget simple things and
that might be very costly. You don't
need to invest a big money or make
great changes to your website to
keep your visitors on your website.
Just make sure that you follow these
simple steps and take action to make
the changes.

(1) Don't show full page ads to
incoming visitors.
It is always anxious to see ads before
visiting a website when it is the first
time. If you display ads to incoming
visitors that may be the last time
they are visiting your website. So
avoid that at all cost. If you have no
options then think about displaying
those ads to visitors who are leaving
the site. That doesn't hurt a lot.
(2) Don't display signup forms or any
other annoying things to incoming
Many people rarely spent more than
5 to 10 seconds in a web page when it
is their first visit. If you annoy them
by preventing their visit directly to
your webpage then you are doing a
really big mistake. No one wants to
waste time on filling troublesome
signup forms or giving away private
information for unknown websites.
There are millions of websites on
internet. So why should they come to
such messy sites?
(3) The website must be loaded very
Don't forget that still about 80% of
the internet surfers are using dialup
connections. If your webpage is
heavily equipped with graphics and
Javascript visitor may change their
idea about visiting your website. So if
you want to keep your website
visitors create a website that loads
(4) Create a professional looking
So far you have done correctly. But if
your website uses ugly colors and
designs which look unprofessional,
they will leave your site immediately.
Don't use harshly colors like dark
yellow, dark red, etc to your website's
background which are painful for
eyes to see. Use white, black or any
other light color for the background
and graphics unless they occupy only
a small area. Don't overload with
graphics. Always try to create a neat
and attractive website with a
professional look. People like to visit
such websites frequently and tends
to stay longer if the content also is
(5) Make sure visitor easily
understands "about what your site
If the website visitor gets confused to
understand what type of website
they have visited, that is not a god
sign. He must be able to understand

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