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5 Reasons How Blog Comments can Increase Your Blog Ranking

we are writing blogs as aWhen
regular feature, we find a special
bonding with the readers. The
comments must be good and
heartfelt to bring the readers back to
the page to read them. Few ways can
be discussed to find out how to
increase the ranking of the page.
Blog comments and reading
the posts:
There are reviews and comments
that are posted by just getting a
glimpse of the reviews. This is not a
good practice and if you keep working
in this
way then the readers will find
the thinning interest level and then
they will stop commenting and
coming back to read your blogs and
comments. The best way is to read
the points thoroughly and then thing
about it and then find a few good
points to discuss. Then write them
down in a few crisp lines so that they
are short but to the point and this
crispness will bring in more readers,
increasing the ranking.
Be a friend to the community,
know their choice:
When you are commenting, you will
find there will be small information
regarding the choices and likings and
disliking of the readers. They may
like to drink coffee or may feel good
in a blue cardigan and all these small
things become important to them.
When you can comment on these or
refer to the likings of the readers,
you get the readers closer to the
group. They feel the bonding and
then come back to the site at least
once to check if there is any
comment for them to go through.
Be a teaser for your readers:
You can tease the readers to make
them feel good and come closer to
the community. The reader base is
from different age group and some
small jokes and few questions on the
comments that can have different
meaning will make the blog
comments interesting read. The
readers will crave for more such
session where they can laugh a little
and pull each other’s legs and feel
the warmth of the bonding. This
bonding can make the readers come
closer and also increase the ranking
with their regular visit. The different
types of people from different
background can be in this community
and they will all find something
funny to say at times and thus make
the session interesting and attractive
and less boring.
Use technicalities to Make
popular comments:
You can use different links in the
comments so that they will pull up
the page ranking. You can use
keywords that will bring the
comments for the blog and users
following keyword search will get
these comments by those word. You
can use do follow and anchor text
links for the commenting page so
that the search engines offer the
comments to the user of the engine.
You can also find out other posts
that are there in the popular sites
and then comment on them and then
your site from there. Copy the
link is the address bar after you have
posted the comments and for this
purpose you can use Pingomatic or
Pingler etc. These links in the
popular sites will help you to
increase your PageRank for the
comments pasted in your website.
A new angle and interesting
You can find the comments that
have been there on the page and
then try to post your own views
about the subject. You must try to
find the note of the previous
comments and then try to bring in a
new line or a new angle of the topic.
Do not make it boring and repetitive.
Keep it short and interesting so that
it is good to go through and then
other might agree or disagree and
the topic discussion can turn to a
new zone of the old subject. This can
be done regularly and can make your
topics and blogs and comments more
interesting. This attraction can bring
in the regular readers and even the
readers of blog comments as the
angle is unique.
The blog comments are short lines
and they need to be to the point for
the readers to find interest in them.
These regular changes in topic and
comment angle attract readers and
they feel the urge to comment on
your site regularly too, increasing the
ranking of the page.

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