Monday, July 23, 2012

Building A Website Directory That Works 1

There are a lot of directories on the internet and there is probably room for alot more although building a directory that is beneficial to the users, webmasters who add their site and yourself takes a little bit of forethought and a lot of work.
There are many types of directories including general directories and niche (often reffered to as vertical) directories. There are also many ways these can be structured.
The first step in planning to build a directory is deciding what it will be a directory of. You could choose to be general and have a vast array of categories and sub categories where a website on any topic can be submitted oryou can choose to have a niche directory which are often reffered to as vertical directories. Vertical directories are becoming popular with users and webmasters due to the entire site and it's listings being related to one topic.
Your next choice is whether to have static pages and create each page manually or use a script that creates pages, manages your listings, site submissions and more. Using a script is the popular and sensible choice and if you have programming skills you may choose to build your own. Otherwise there are numerous directory scripts available and some are even free, for example: PHP Link Directory, Barracuda Links Directory or WSN Links to name a few.
Once you have your directory up and running with all the categories relevant to a general directory or your chosen topic the next task is get listings as without those it's not much. For other webmasters to submit their link they need to be able to find your site so getting links from 'directory of directories' sites are a good place to start in promoting your site. Although there may be catch, those sites may not want to list yours if it's not populated with listings to some extent so choose some quality sites and add them to your categories and sub categories.

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