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15 Killer Tips To Increase Page Rank!

Page Rank is a link analysis
algorithm which is used by search
engines to determine relative
importance of your link within their
How is Page Rank Calculated?
Page Rank is calculated by various
algorithms made by search engines,
in simple words, Page Rank is
calculated upon the number of links
on your site; these links Include:
Inbound links.
Internal links.
External links.
No-Follow links.
Do-Follow links.
Google and other Page Ranking sites
analyze these links and assign a
numerical page rank from 1 to 10 to
your website. Below we will discuss
Top 15 Killer Tips To Increase Page
How To Increase Page Rank?
Increase PageRank
1. High Quality Content:
In order to increase Page Rank you
must have unique quality content
which your readers want to share
with their friends.
2. Site Submitting:
In order to increase Page Rank you
must have high quality Backl inks
and the best way to generate quality
backl inks is to submit your site on
different web directories and article
Some Good Web And Article
Directories Are:
Yahoo Directory
Best Of The Web
Ezine Articles
Article Base
Go Articles
3. Guest Posting:
This is one of the most used and
best technique to increase Page
Rank. Most Blogs have options of
guest posting through which you
can post at their blog and get two or
three backlinks in return to your
blog this really helps if you are
posting on good Page Rank Blog with
the same Niche as yours.
4. Link Exchange:
This is one of the most old
techniques but it still works, in order
to get a good PageRank you should
get higher Page Rank sites to link to
your site, through this you will
firstly get a good Page Rank and will
get traffic from that site.
5. Keep Updating:
Google really likes Sites that keep
their content fresh and unique. The
more you post, the more Google will
crawl your site and the more
chances for you to increase page
6. Commenting On Other Blogs:
Commenting is a very crucial process
in generating a good Page Rank. In
Blogging Community you must be
very socially active. Some Blogs are
Do-Follow, which can help you
generate back links to your site by
just commenting on their posts.
Nowadays most blogs have
CommentLuv Plugin installed on
their site which automatically places
a link to their last blog post at the
end of their comment.
Link Building
7. Social Bookmarking:
Social Bookmarking is a very
effective method to increase Page
Rank because by sharing your Site
on different Social Sites you will get
a free Backlink and Traffic. Some of
the most popular Social
Bookmarking Sites Are:
Google Plus
Hub Pages
Stumble Upon
8. Website Accessibility:
If Your Website is down for a long
period of time, Google may reduce
the ranking of your site. So You
should always keep Your Website
9. Using Commonly Searched
As You know people search using
keywords and not the whole
sentence so if you have used a
keyword which is very frequently
searched then you get a higher
chance of your website being visited
10. Website Advertising:
You can make an Ad or a banner for
your site and advertise it on
different website, through this you
will get good back links and traffic.
11. Create Multiple Pages:
If You create multiple Pages on Your
Site this will strengthen your
internal linking and will ultimately
increase Page Rank.
12. Participate In Forums:
Google loves forums that are most
frequently updated and by getting a
back link from these forums you will
succeed on increasing Page Rank.
13. Using Signatures:
You can add a link to your website in
your online signatures. For example,
you can add signatures in your email
and forum posts but don’t try to
spam because you can be blocked.
14. When Does Google Re-Evaluate
Page Rank?
Google Re-Evaluates Page Rank
about Three to Four times per year,
so almost every Three months
Google calculates Your Page Rank
15. Never Use Illegal Tactics:
Using illegal tactics can get you
banned from Google and Google is
very smart so never think that you
can deceive Google because if they
find out that you are using illegal
techniques which are against their
policy they will block you. Stay away
from those tactics using these
legitimate techniques will improve
Over to You!
Which methods do you use to
increase page rank? Do share them
with us. Have a great day and happy

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