Thursday, August 30, 2012

3 SEO Tips Google Update

SEO is something which over the past 2 years has evolved leaving only the best online marketers involved in it. Over the years search engine algorithms have changed several times, meaning that the best practices of a search engine optimisation specialist has changed enormously.

Once upon a time meta data was key,then on-page SEO,now backlinks and social signals are the key. Several updates known as Panda and Penguin have caused a shake up in the SEO industry with Google rankings so please find below 4 tips which will forever hold up in your SEO strategy with all future algorithm updates.

1) Quality Content Is King
Quality content which is unique in its
nature will forever help your SEO
strategy, quality content has a flow
on effect into other areas of SEO, if
your content is worth sharing or
linking to it will increase in it’s value
and further help your website gain
the front page real estate that it
deserves. Content that is valuable to
the user experience of something
searching online will be difficult to
overtaken by low quality resources.
“Quality content allows a website to
gain more authority online and help
your SEO” says John Vlasakakis Co-
Director of SEO Company Maps

2) Engage your social community
with your content
It is vital nowadays to share your quality content online and also provide content which is worth sharing socially by others. It is vital to
have a social media widget on all
your content to allow people to share
your content on platforms such as Facebook,Twitter,Tumblr etc.
Once you have created quality content share it to your network and watch it be shared by others and gain exposure you wouldn’t be able to achieve otherwise.

3) Look at earning your links rather than building them
Your content should be for the user and not to build backlinks. If your content is quality it will earn backlinks on it’s on merit. Building backlinks is something search engines know are easy to manipulate, but gaining something from a trusted source is the equivalent of finding a pot of gold in SEO. “Quality over quantity is what matters with SEO, I have ranked websites on the first page with just one backlink, because this came from an authoritative source and was earned naturally.” says John Vlasakakis.

Following these simple 3 steps and you will never have to worry about another search engine algorithm update, SEO is now becoming more pure and natural than ever so I suggest that everyone keeps their finger on the pulse.Contact the Maps Gurus at Google Maps guru

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