Thursday, August 09, 2012

8 Google Adsense Plugins For Your Blog

worked hard on it, built a following and now you want to monetize it, how do you go about doing that? Well, there are various ways to do so, but one quick and easy way is by displaying ads. And for that you need Google Adsense, in the words of Google itself, "Google AdSense is a free program that empowers online publishers to earn revenue by displaying relevant ads on a wide variety of online content."
Selecting the best Adsense plugin for your blog can be a confusing task since there are so many out there.
Based on my experience, the following are the best Adsense plugins for WordPress out there:
1. Ad Injection
My favourite plugin is Ad Injection. I like it because it's easy to install, easy to useand quite efficient. Some of the features of this plug-in are:
• You can set the position of Adsense at the top and bottom of the article.
• You can also position random ads in themiddle of the post.
• You can fade non-useful one/Archive options.
• You can add page age and status to settings.
2. Adsense Deluxe
Adsense Deluxe offers advanced optionsfor automatic insertion of Google AdSense and also supports Yahoo Publisher Network (YPN) ads to your Word Press Blog. What's great about thisplugin is that it can easily switch to all AdSense ads and can match with your blog theme perfectly.
3. Adsense Injection
Adsense Injection inserts Adsense code randomly into a blog post, it takes a random paragraph from the article and inserts adsense code there.
4. Adsense Beautifier
As the name suggests, Beautifier represents ads beautifully by placing images beside them and helps to increase your clicks which may help increase your subsequent Adsense earnings.
5. AdRotator WordPress Plugin
This is another great plugin; it can help you rotate your Adsense with other affiliate programs wherever you want.
6. Adsense Earnings WordPress Plugin
It displays the Adsense on front end of your blog and also displays your Adsense earning report in the WordPressadmin panel and hence keeping you updated about your earnings.7. AdSense
Sharing Revenue and Earnings
System This Adsense plugin for
WordPress allows you to view your
Adsense earnings and also allows
you to share your earning reports
with your friends. 8. Google Ad Wrap
This is another useful plugin for
WordPress; Ad Wrap helps you wrap
posts and comments for better
targeted ads. I have experimented
with a lot of pluginsand these are the
ones that I have found to be the most
effective. If you have any more
questions about Adsense Plugins,
feel free to ask me in the comments

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