Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Google Android 2.2 release date and specs Part 1

Google finally officially announced Android 2.2 “Froyo” in a move that surprised absolutely no one at Google I/O. There are a few things about Android 2.2 that are up in the air still likewhat it is going to be on, but there are also quite a few things that we now know with absolute certainty. Android 2.2 is not going to fix every problem thatis out there, but it is going to take care of quite a few.
For starters, the early best guess is that Android 2.2 is going to wind up on Nexus One first. After that it may work it’s wayaround to another unit or two - but which ones is anyone‘s guess right now. The release date has yet to be set, but itwas announced that Android 2.2 would be out within a couple weeks so the bestguess is June. A few analysts are saying it may actually be early July, but that wouldn’t coincide correctly with other releases this is thought to ship on.
There will be three main areas that Android 2.2 is going to radically revamp. Speed/performance is the primary thing users will notice. The official word from Google is that devices now running with the Dalvik JIT compiler will see a 2-5x speed boost, but independent reports are saying users should expect it to be inthe 4-5x range more so than the low end. Units running the Android 2.2 will almost certainly live up to the billing of the “world’s fastest browser.” Android And Me reported that a demo run against an iPad revealed that the iPad couldn’t touch Android 2.2 for speed.
The remaining two areas that will get a major overhaul are exchange support and flash support. The flash support reportedly sucks a little bit and is way too choppy and not properly optimized for mobile devices - but it’s got flash support at least which is a kind of big deal. The exchange support is going to auto completion email addresses and a global email address lookup. Nothing huge there, but nice.

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