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How To Know Wireless Motion Detector System Is Right For You?

Driveway Patrol alert or Wireless motion detector systems are common security products with a variety of applications. They generally come with a weather resistant indoor outdoor motion detector transmitter, and a indoor receiver. Applications vary from alerting store clerks working in the back of someone entering their store . Or alerts you of intruders at home , cars entering your driveway, someone coming up the sidewalk, the mailman, kids coming and going , or older kids at night. Also can be used for monitoring your basement, attic, trailer, motorcycle, storage shed, or RV parked in the driveway.
Typically the motion detector transmitter operates on batteries while the receiver runs on batteries or can be plugged in . The distance that the transmitter can detect motion is generally up to 12 to 20 feet out from the transmitter. Most transmitters detect motion by passive infrared (PIR) technology which is basically rapid heat changes such as a vehicle passing by in front of it. Once motion is detected, the transmitter then {transmits | sends a wireless notification signal to the receiver which notifies you with a chime or alarm sound through the receiver. The distance the motion detector can send a signal to the receiver will vary depending on the model and the surroundings.
Here is what you should consider before you purchase a Driveway motion alert orWireless motion alert . Most manufacturers publish a transmission range (transmitter to receiver) of up to 400 feet to up to half a mile depending on the product . This is based on Line of Sight or Open Field testing which is literally a straight shot from transmitterto receiver with nothing in in the middle .In reality, the total range is much less in a typical installation through walls and windows. I recommend taking one third of the manufacturers stated range as a general rule for the actual range in an installation. For example, a Driveway Patrol stating 400 feet may be around 100 to 150 feet transmission range through walls.The Chamberlain wirelessmotion alert stating one half mile may be closer to 900 feet transmission range through walls and windows . Some systems are expandable for adding on transmitters, or wireless doorbell component, and some vary on the type of alert the receiver emits (chime, alarm sound, voice alert). The Chamberlain motion alert system has sensitivity settings while other brands may require taping off part of the motion sensor area to reduce sensitivity,if necessary. The transmitter does not sound, only the indoor receiver will alertyou. Simply mount the transmitter in thespot that you want to monitor and place the wireless receiver unit within one third the manufacturers stated range. Then when movement is detected the receiverunit will play a pleasant chime with an adjustable volume to suit your particularsurroundings. We hope this information is helpful in choosing the right Driveway Patrol alert or Wireless motion alert system for you.

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