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How to make a useful list of directories for yourself?

When you call for a commendable list of link directories social bookmarking sites - doesn't really matter if you are trying to find certain general directories or other sites specialising in a certain theme or language - not the simple number of the included web sites matters but the proportion of the web directories which are yet working and taking on link suggestions in a timely manner.

Aging of directory lists
actually mean that this list could
also meet your needs. As time goes
by a lot of websites will be shut
down, stopped, change into a paid
directory, etc. - so the older a
directory collection is, the more
If somebody formerly happened to
assemble a list of link directories or
social bookmarking websites which
were once offering SEO-friendly links
without the need of nofollow
attributes or redirects, it does not
worthless data it will incorporate. A
few years old collection thus can be
entirely useless usually.

Status of the lsted web directories
.actually accept your submissions at
all, and if so the link they provide will
be valuable and useable for SEO
purposes. Eventhough finding fresh
link directories should not be that
time consuming, discovering whether
Not to mention the fact that finding
the web address of new web
directories is basically only the first
step of making an usable database of
web directories. You should get going
and assure whether or not they
they are actually operating, is not
the easiest job.

Not a single web directory database
will do for you!

.directories" websites nor web
directory submitter software program
is possessed by link marketeers who
are working with the included
directories on a daily basis, the
accuracy of information about the
included web directories will be
significantly far from optimum. On
one hand, there would be a great
number of included link directories
which have certainly not been
utilized by the developer of that list.
If it is to be a foreign language or an
other special link directory, this is
even more common case. Then again
one time a site is included, its current
condition is rarely determined
manually and updated accordingly
This is why - at least based on our
experience - you may never find a
really usable, cutting edge link
directory database accessible publicly
on the World Wide Web. As neither
the vast majority of "directory of
on a regular basis .

Solely your link directory list that
you make!

.Solely your link directory list that
you make!

Regretful news is that if you got no
resources to waste by submitting
your links to a great deal of link
directories which will definitely not
accept your submissions or if you
prepare for doing regular link
marketing, almost the one and only
way of creating a really usable
directory database is to make your
own personal database.

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