Monday, August 13, 2012

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Internet (Other)For small business owners or those
who submit online articles that need
promotion, the question often arises
whether a traditional website or a
blog is the best method for promoting
their work. While both options have
distinct benefits and advantages,
blogs are typically a better option for
the following reasons.
Blogs allow more flexibility
Blogs allow various formats including
videos, images and slide shows. While
these tools may also be used on
websites, the functionality is often
quite different. The ability to switch
back and forth between formats can
be very helpful and can also help
drive more traffic. In addition,
content does not have to be focused
on one primary topic or subject.
Ease of use
Many people do not have the skills
needed to update a website easily.
Blogs generally provide

WYSIWYG” (what you see is what
you get) functionality meaning that
most people do not need any
particular skills to create and
maintain a blog. While some
technical skills may be needed, they
are not as important as they would
be maintaining a website.
For promotional purposes
Blogs provide great opportunities for
promoting a business or promoting
other forms of online work. With
numerous plug-ins available on blog
platforms, users can interact through
a variety of social networking sites
like Facebook and Twitter or they can
post to bookmarking sites like Redditt
and StumbleUpon. For the person
who depends on promotion, these
tools are invaluable for promotional
Encourages interaction
Perhaps one of the best reasons that
a blog is a better portal is the
interaction that it allows the site
owner to have with readers. While a
website may have a “contact us”
form, blogs allow readers to respond
immediately to specific posts they
find of interest. In some cases, this
interaction allows the blog owner to
identify information that readers
may be searching for making it easier
to create future entries.
In a perfect world, many small
businesses or those who promote
work online would have both a
website and a blog. However, in many
cases, a blog is far more beneficial for
a number of reasons. While websites
are typically static pages that are not
updated frequently, blogs may be
updated on a schedule that works
best depending on promotion levels.
Generally speaking, a well promoted
blog is more personal than a website.
When considering what type of
Internet portal is best for promoting
your work, a blog should be one of
the first considerations made.
Combining ease of use, better
opportunities for traffic and the
ability to create a secondary income
stream using advertising programs,
for many, a blog is the best option.
Additional bonuses include a healthy
mix of personalization and
professionalism that can be displayed
through more focused blog posts.

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