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Link Building Strategies

One of the best ways to attract inbound links to your site is to create topnotch and interesting content. It’s never a good idea to obtain as many links to your site while failing to create quality content. Search engines might construe this as a black hat SEO tactic on your part and penalize your site. On the other hand, contents alone cannot take you further up the pecking order when it comes to the search engine rankings.

instead of mindlessly waitingfor
inbound links to come your way,
why not utilize these four great
link-building strategies to beat
your competition.
1. Internal Linking
Internal linking works when
readers are directed to the other
pages of your website by clicking
on the highlighted word or
phrases on the current page.
Through internal linking you are
able to establish that your web
page is relevant to a particular
keyword. This will lead tobetter
search engine rankings for your
web pages. Sometimes, as
readers go along reading one of
your posts, they might come
across a term unbeknownst to
them. If you have written
articles regarding those topics
on different pages of your site,
you can use hyperlinks to
internally link them to those
articles. They will like the fact
that your site is well structured
and user-friendly because of
the ease of access to specific
content. Internal linking
provides traffic to your web
pages while winning the hearts
of your readers and converting
them from mere visitors into
loyal subscribers.
2. Video Marketing
This is a good link building
strategy because of the lower
competition amongst video
results in the search engine.
The most popular video
submission platform is YouTube.
However, the link building
potential of videos in YouTube is
rather questionable. This is
because these linksare no-
follow and the search engines
cannot easily reach the links.
Nonetheless, if you could post a
video that goes viral, you will
reap huge trafficand inbound

3. Local Linking
Laying out a strong foothold
locally is not easy. But, the
outcome is rewarding in terms of
SEO benefits. You should take
into account local resources in
order to gain links for your site.
One of your best options is to
get a link from your local
Chamber of Commerce. You can
also go to the Better Business
Bureau in your state and find a
way to get a link. Links obtain
from these two local agencies
have authority and they are
high quality links. Another
option is to ask for links from
the websites of your local
libraries. You should also submit
to local listings such as Yahoo
local or Google Local Business
Center. Lastly, you can try to
collaborate with local bloggers
to rack up additional linksto
your sites. Finally, you want to
zero in on those bloggers with
an established reputation in
your community.4. Link Baiting
Link baiting is the strategy of
obtaining links from others
without revealing any hint of
your intention to do so. Each of
ushas a strong consciousness of
our own self-importance. You
can capitalize on this by using
ego bait linking. For instance,
you can create a list of top
bloggers for a certain niche.
Bloggers included in the list will
more than likely tell their blog
readers about their acquired
feat by posting your link in a
blog post. These links will create
traffic to your site from the
large audiences of those
bloggers. You just have to be
creative with this strategy and
you’re sure to attract inbound
Link building is never an easy
task and requires a lot of hard
work. You can employ the four
strategies above to earn more
links to your web site

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