Thursday, August 09, 2012

SEO Tactics Best Digital Marketing

Are we satisfied with the achievement of digital marketing campaigns we have done in this year? Then a digital marketing plan of what you want to apply next year? Based on a poll conducted by several major online marketing companies, there is a conclusion that can be taken. There are 3 online marketing channels and tactics that you can apply in 2011. What? The top is not the answer nor a social media email marketing. Rather: the best digital marketing tactics for 2011 is Search Engine Optimization. Polling is presenting 44 different answers that can be selected by the participants, ranging from display advertising to spam. More than 200 readers participated in the poll process. When many signs that the indicator that the marketing budget began to recover after the battered global financial crisis last year, many actors are still the focus of marketing to plan the steps and strategies for online marketing the mosteffective and efficient for the year 2011.
We hope that the responses obtained from the survey can help them (the perpetrators marketing) to determine where the choice of budget plans and marketing strategies they are allocated next year.
The biggest response at this year's survey reflects the views of the overall analysis, including search (search), social media, advertising (advertising), email content and email aliases. When social media marketing continues to gainexposure and gain the attention of various media as well as companies (who are willing to increase the budget for investment-$ 1.2 billion in 2011, Forrester), search marketing (PPC and SEO) continues to be at the top share of the digital marketing ($ 20.7 billion in 2011, Forrester).
New players into the top 10 list this year is the content of marketing which is a reflection of increased awareness of the importance of providing something morethan just products or services and benefits to customers so that they are interested to buy it. Content is the glue between the SEO and Social Media.

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