Saturday, August 18, 2012

SEO Toaster 2.0.2

SEO Toaster is an advanced SEO-
inclined content management
system (CMS), easy for content
writers, and website administrators
featuring complete front-end
edition.It is easy for web designers
requiring only 4 HTML templates and
2 CSS files to build a complete theme.
SEO Toaster is the most advanced
SEO CMS right out of the box
featuring automated 301 redirection
creation, automated optimized on-
site linking, automated link sculpting
using JS, and even point and click link
siloing.It is the foundation for
scalable successful web businesses.
SEO Toaster includes a plugin system
to extend functionality.The interface
is available in English, French,
Spanish, and Portuguese.
Features of SEO Toaster:
- Automatically aligns h1 tag to meta
info when creating a page.
- Automated alt tag generation and
links title tagging based on images
file name & target page's h1 tag.
- Automatically queries Google
wheel for alternative keywords
based on page h1 tag.
- Automated 301 redirects on page
URL change.
- Comprehensive and smart
optimized deep-linking system with
automated modifications when
target page URL changes.
- Capability to create Java Scripted
link silos with a point & click
- Attribute weight to pages to alter
randomizing widgets.
- Automated HTML site map and
sitemap.xml generation.
- Easy integration with SEO Samba to
centralize management for multi-
sites SEO and website marketing.
- PHP 5.0 or Higher
- MySQL 5 or Higher
- GD Library 2 or Higher
- Zlib extension for PHP
- Curl extension for PHP
- Mysqli extension for PHP
- Apache webserver with
- Ability to use .htaccess files DWONLOAD

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