Saturday, September 08, 2012

Google Penguin Update Helps to Eradicate Black Hat SEO

Penguin, a large change to Google’s algorithm, was one of the top trends worldwide on Twitter (via the story entitled “Google Penguin Has SEO’s In Panic Mode” from ). Whilst the title isn’t correct grammar, it still trended on Twitter which shows how much Google’sPenguin update is going to have an effect, especially in the world of Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO.
The SEO world has are two distinctive methods of Search Engine Optimisation; white hat SEO and black hat SEO.
White hat SEO is the legitimate way of conducting SEO, using honest techniques that Google advises and agrees with. These include fair and natural link building, as well as writing high-quality and relevant content on your webpage, including keywords that fit within the content whilst still being a literate piece of text. These are in order to boost your organic page rankings.
Black hat SEO is the opposite, using spamming techniques, hidden text and keyword stuffing, in order to trick the search engine. The Penguin update is setto punish websites that use these techniques, making SEO incredibly difficult for black hat SEOs.
However, for SEO agencies such as Revax Media, who only ever use white hat techniques, the most recent Google update poses no problem. The article that trended on Twitter made it seem as if our jobs as SEOs would be more difficult, sending us into “panic mode”. The only agencies or SEOs that will be panicking are those that use harmful techniques, i.e. black hat, and are only looking for a quick fix to your ranking issues. This is why you should only use agencies such as Revax Media, as we willshow you short-term and, more importantly, long-term rankings.

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cici cantik said...

thanks gan. sudah ku follback dari

Aahna Saxena said...

Agreed with you, with the execution of Penguin algorithm, It will be difficult to rank web pages with thin content and spam backlinks. Google SEO is getting tougher day by day.







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