Friday, July 27, 2012

Combing The Power Of Google Adsense And Email Marketing 1

In the past year, Google Adsense has become the "It" way to make money on the Internet.
But even if you already use Google Adsense on your site, you are probably leaving money on the table. Let me explain why…
Most people create a site, slap some content and then wait for people to click on their ads.
But once people click on an ad, they are gone….probably forever!
One method that smart Internet marketers use to maximize their Google Adsense is to harness the power of their email list. By getting people to subscribeto their list, website owners can continueto make money from their readers.
By utilizing the power of their email list, website owners can dramatically increase their Adsense income.
Here is how you can do the same. In the following article, there is a step-by-steplist of how you can harness the power of your list to create a steady stream of Adsense revenue.
The first step is to create a topic that is in high demand. A good topic would be something that people have an interest in, or information that can help your readers personally or financially.
Your next action would be to create content for your site. The idea is to writeor use information that would provide value to the reader. All your articles should help improve their life in some manner. You can create content for your site in a large numbers of ways. This can include:
· Your own web articles
· Guides, product evaluations, and "How To's"
· Blogs and RSS Feeds
· Public domain works
· Private label rights
· Hiring a freelancer to write your content
Obviously creating content for your site is an ongoing process, so once you've created at least 10 pages of quality information for your readers, you should create your web pages and optimize them for Google Adsense
As you are designing your pages for Adsense, you should keep one thing in mind- Your primary goal is to get people to click on your Adsense ads.
So don't give your readers too many options. As a result, it is important to keep your web page simple.

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