Tuesday, July 31, 2012

How to add scrolling windows to a webpage?? Part 1

In this day of cutting-edge internet scripting languages, some of the simpler"oldschool" techniques and methods for creating scrolling windows in a webpage sometimes get lost amongst the glitz of interactive, animated boxing chimpanzee ad banners and pages that automatically play "popular" tunes uponloading. These methods, however, still exist and work just as well now as they did ten years ago. Below are a few simple examples of different methods, each of which can be fairly easily implemented into any page by anyone with a basic knowledge of HTML. FRAMES Frames were very popular for a while, asthey provided a way for one page to automatically "include" additional information or webpage content, such as"universal" content, like a navigation bar, header or footer, without requiring the webmaster to paste the same selection of text into each page where he wishes to include this "universal" content. Although there are still some downsides and limitations (though not as many as there used to be) to using frames on a website, this is a pretty basic, straightforward method that is natively"built into" basic HTML and is implemented using only normal HTML frames-related tags. With some further editing (beyond the scope of this article) on the particulars of each frame, a particular frames design would allow for a page with a"header" (the top frame), with a left side navigation menu and then content in the remaining frame. Any content loaded into any of the frames, if too large to fit into the frame at once, will present the webpage viewer with a scrollbar to enable them to view the complete content of the frame. The (depending on your point of view) downside of frames (besides very old browsers not being able to display them correctly) is that the main page that has all the frames tags itself, has NO content - it is used as a page structure or skeleton only, so frames pages/sites will have to be built modularly, with one source page being just the header, another page being just the navigation, etc.

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