Tuesday, July 31, 2012

How to add scrolling windows to a webpage ? PART 2

IFRAME Short for "inline frame", iframes allow a little more efficient page design than the full frames method, in that it can be included on a page with other content, and its height, width and placement can be controlled - it allows a page to have a "little window" which displays a selected document. Multiple iframes may also be placed on the same page, each displaying different content - potentially handy for some purposes. When using iframes, it's free scrollbars foreverybody! There's not much to an iframes implementation: call the iframe with theopening tag, and then close it. Obviously there are more detailed, advanced properties and options available, but thebasics are pretty lean and simple. CASCADING STYLE SHEETS "CSS" for short, stylesheets have been around a long time but in the last few years have really began to come into their own as a viable modular technique for controlling how information on a page is displayed, and indeed, to some extent, the structure of the page itself. Without delving into the vast field of CSScapabilities, the next example will focus on what is known as "positioning". Now, first off, for those not familiar withstylesheets, CSS implementation is a little different than just dropping in some HTML tags, though it technically is just another portion or aspect of it, as CSS is also "built in" to HTML and all browsers have some ability to parse and display CSS (though unfortunately, not all display it the same way). Stylesheets may be referenced by HTMLeither by their inclusion within the bounds of the tags in the of a page itself (inline method), or by including a relative link to a seperate "external" stylesheet file - also in the (but not ) portion of the page. External stylesheets are the suggested format for using CSS, once a webmaster has a solid grip on the basics of stylesheets. CSS in the document outside of its appropriate area will not be parsed correctly.

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