Tuesday, July 31, 2012

How to design your own website ? Part 1

Are you ready for your own little piece of the internet? One of the best ways is to design your own website. This lets people know more about you or your business. Designing a web site is simple. Having your own website allows you to express your views to the world or even start your own business. Designing a website does take a little planning, but is a fun learning experience. The tips below will help you get started. Purpose First things first, what is the purpose of your site? Is it completely personal, or are you devoted to a specific interest? Are you trying to start a business or helpadvertise an existing business? Sites that are personal can be more haphazard. After all, friends and family are going to be the main ones looking at it. If you create a site to talk about an interest, you will want to make it more appealing to attract other people with the same interest. For business related sites, you need to work hard to make it look professional. You also need to learn more about site promotion and keywords. This isn't difficult, but requires a bit more work than a personal site. Features and Software Decide what features you want. Do you need forums, message boards, tables, menus, graphics, animation, or something completely different? You need to decide what features you want and look at other sites to see how they incorporated these elements. You also will need to choose some type of software to design your site. Whereas, you may be talented enough to do the whole thing in a simple text editor, most people will want to use some type of WYSIWYG (what you see iswhat you get) editor. Find software that you're comfortable with and learn aboutall its features. Once you decide on software, you will know what features to look for when choosing where to host your site. Keep Things Simple Nothing will detract more from a site than excessive colors and clutter. You may have great information on your site,but if no one can stand to read it, then the site is pointless.

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