Tuesday, July 31, 2012

How to get 1000 clicks on your webpage ? Part 1

There are several ways to get a 1000 clicks on your webpage. The methods discussed in this article have the affect of geometrically increasing web visitor traffic to web pages and web sites. The techniques don't take that long to do butdo require periodic website updates, newcontent, and advertising to remain effective. Additionally, after a set of website traffic techniques such as the following are used well enough, a website's ranking in search engine results may move higher thereby increasing the probability and volume of website traffic further. • Multiply links and fair use content Search engine spiders and web crawlers pick up content based on what's it contains. For example, this article will bemore likely to show up in a search for increasing website traffic, or literally how to get 1000 clicks on your web page. So the more links and excerpts of your content you have on different websites, the greater the number of potential search query options and clicksto your website there are. For example, fair use copyright would allow a small paragraph from your content or site to be quoted with a link on another website. • Innovate and replicate marketing Marketing is the grease that improves the functionality of your content, if by functionality one means increasing web site traffic. In other words, to get a 1000 clicks on your webpage requires marketing or no one will know you have a web page to look at. The better your marketing the more potential clicks you'll have. Innovation takes something that’s already been done, and does it in a new, enhanced or creatively optimal way. Replication repeats the process to increase exposure. For examples of web innovation that works have a look at thetop ten traffic sites at this link . • Search Engine Optimize Sometimes when browsing the web you'll see web pages that have lots of keywords in a paragraph that look like gibberish.

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