Tuesday, July 31, 2012

How to get 1000 clicks on your webpage ? Part 2

For example, if you're trying to get people to read an article like this you might include sequential words as follows: Increase web traffic, boost website visitors, fast ways to improve website traffic volume, how to build website registration, maximize web-search volume, search engine optimization, SEO, web traffic tips, attract web visitors, website traffic generation, expand website statistics, free web visitors, target web visitors etc. A paragraph can be off putting if it’s the first thing a visitor sees on the webpage however, so keeping keywords strategically placed and better yet, part of the content, is a more aesthetic way to utilize key words and key phrases. • Create quality content To get a second 1000 clicks on your webpage and keep visitors at your site requires content. Unappealing, boring, useless, or stagnant content do not bodewell for increasing web site traffic. 1000 people may visit your website, but if there's nothing there that interests them, they're less likely to return. Creating quality content and periodicallyadding it to your site keeps content new and fresh and helps retain website traffic and build search engine ranking. • Have an interesting title The title of a webpage is an important element in being identified by a web crawler as relevant to a search. In such case, 1) having a title that matches the query, and 2) making the title interesting improve the chance web surfers will read or visit your website before another. Titles are part of search engine optimization so using relevant keywords that are within the first few words of the title is beneficial to getting a 1000 clicks on your webpage.

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