Friday, July 27, 2012

Interview: Alex Webster of Cannibal Corpse part 3

Rocksins : When you first came out back in 1990 it was fairly easy to shock people with album art and lyrical content. Do you think bands these days are finding it increasingly harder to find that shock factor? And if so, what can bands do now that is genuinely shocking? After all, by now we’ve seen pretty much everything.
Alex : Our primary goal has never been to shock; our goal has always been to make the heaviest death metal we possibly can. The violent lyrics are just something that we feel fits the music we’re making. So, whether or not they shock people is not that important to us. As far as bands that are interested in shocking people, well, I’m sure they’ll find a way. We may think we’ve seen it all, but we haven’t.
Rocksins : A band like Cannibal Corpse have arguably covered as much ground as they can in the death metal scene, what’s next for the band? Or do you aim to stay on the same path?
Alex : We just want to continue on the same path artistically. There is still a lotof room for creativity within the boundaries of the death metal genre so we do not feel limited at all. We’re happy to play shows and do tours with bands from other genres, this helps to spread the word about death metal….but just because we play shows with these bands doesn’t mean we’re interested in changing our sound. Cannibal Corpse is and will always be death metal.
Rocksins : When you look back at your career with Cannibal Corpse, do you lookback with pride or do you have any regrets with the band?
Alex : In general we’re all quite proud of what we’ve accomplished. It’s far, far beyond anything we could have imagined. We’ve made some mistakes along the way, but things have turned out great so I wouldn’t change a thing.
Rocksins : As it’s early in the year, we’re all looking forward to what 2011 might bring, are there any bands/albums in particular you’re looking forward to hearing this year?

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