Tuesday, July 31, 2012

“Is Your Site Defensible?” The 10 Point Quiz. Updated For 2012 part 1

“In my experience the natural motivation to preserve wealth and income is even more powerful than thatto increase it. For us SEOs, this means making our sites, rankings, traffic and revenue defensible . “The following quiz is a little cheat sheet to let you know how defensible your site is. (For some, but not all of you, ‘defensible’ is nearly a synonym for ‘Google-proof’.) 1. Does your site rank in more than one search engine? As Google’s share creeps towards 100%, this question becomes less and less realistic… still, there’s a big difference between 6% of organic referrals coming from Y!/MSN, and [that percentage being] 36%. [See also SEO Mythbusters: It's Google vs Bing. It's Really Apple vs eBay vs Fiverr etc. ] 2. Do you get type-in traffic? Whether type-ins occur because of branding and repeat users, or because your domain is keyword.com , is irrelevant. When people navigate directly to yoursite, no search engine penalty in the world can hurt you! 3. Does your site have a significant number of subscribers ? Subscribers can be be to your RSS feed, email newsletter [or Twitter, Facebook , LinkedIn Group updates] or anything really–the point is, you have repeat visitors and don’t depend entirely on transient traffic. 4. Is your revenue diversified? If a single CPC ad provider like Adsense, or even a single merchant, provides a majorityof your site’s revenue, then they certainly have you by the balls. They could cut your payout in half tomorrow without much of an explanation, or they could boot you without appeal or recompense . 5. Do you get bookmarked [shared in social media]? If you’re bookmarked on Delicious [and Stumbleupon] or on people’s browsers, you can count on some repeat visitors and possibly future links. 6. Does your site have citations and linksthat send you traffic ? Maybe SugarRae’s Hall-of-fame post makes sense now . It bears repeating: When people navigate directly to yoursite, no search engine penalty in the world can hurt you! ------------------- Note: Next for read part-2

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