Tuesday, July 31, 2012

“Is Your Site Defensible?” The 10 Point Quiz. Updated For 2012 part-2

7. Does your site have some sort of remarkable value? This question is not asking: is your content “unique”? More like, if your site ceased to exist, would the Web as a whole lose something valuable? Would people’s lives be inconvenienced? If the answeris YES, your site is likely to get future citations, links and bookmarks–and further, search engines will have to think longer and harder before banning you or penalizing you, since not ranking your site might make theirresults less useful. 8. Does ‘arbitrage’–CPC, email blasting [Andy means affiliate ads in others' newsletters], affiliates–make up a minority of your promotional efforts ?[Are volatile tactics responsible for aminority of your promotional efforts? Ex.: Spun content, PPC arbitrage, links that will get destroyed with the next algorithm update.] As Brian Provost points out , marketing methods such as these are often unsustainable over time due to increased competition, structural changes, commodization and margin erosion. 9. Do you have a strong network in your niche? Maintaining a friendly relationship with bloggers, stakeholders, and even competitors can be the key to standing back up when you get knocked down. Think about it this way–is a merchant likely to screw you out of money if you can get their bad behavior blogged about by industry leaders? 10. Are you thinking about/working on defensibility? There are many ways to make a site more defensible that I haven’t listed. If you are actively working on it (regardless of what you call it), you deserve a bonus point. Even thinking about defensibility–if you can apply some of the principles in the future–is going to go along way in protecting your future wealth (and pride). “Rate Your Site’s Defensibility Well this wouldn’t be a hokey quiz if youdidn’t rate yourself at the end! Count how many times you said ‘yes’ to the above questions. ------------------- Note: Next for read part-3

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