Monday, July 23, 2012

Maximising The Impact Of Your Meta Description Tag step 2

many webmasters have noticed that the meta description tag is being displayed in Google results, which could possibly hold strong implications for your optimisation approach
Google only usually displays a snippet oftext within the page that matches the user's query, but as of late the meta description tag has also been displayed. It currently displays the description when all of the search terms can be found in the page's title tag. That means,if the words "golf equipment for sale online" are all in your title tag, and the user searches for all of those words, the meta description will be displayed. Even if the user searches for "golf equipment", the description tag will still be displayed. However, if a search term not found in the title tag is used, Google will revert back to displaying part of the body text.
So why is this important?
Knowing the circumstances under which the description tag is shown can give youthe edge in getting your page noticed amongst the countless others in the search results.
Even if you appear in the top ten results, you are still in competition with nine other sites for that all important click through. Having a well crafted and targeted description tag could help you influence a higher click through rate than your competitors. Some savvy webmasters have even been known to put their phone number in their description tag to give themselves a head start. Your keywords should definitely be used in a well optimised page, so if you manage to get a top ten ranking for your targeted terms, the description tag could be displayed often.
Although the words in a meta descriptiontag still won't count towards the rankingof your page, the tag still serves a purpose and is worth putting some consideration and effort into. The text which people see alongside their search results will influence which site they select – remember this when considering your optimisation efforts!

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