Monday, July 16, 2012

No PGH for me

A lot of strange and not so good things happened. First off, um, I woke up before noon? AndI actually slept last night? Weird! Maybe because mom said we're not going to Pittsburgh!!!!!! ARGH! Dad still doesn't know where the car is, he tried calling in today- argh! which means, 1. My hair is stuck being blonde and ugly until Sep 8, so if i wear it down u can see my split ends, and if i wwear it up the cheetah blonde spots will show! People notice if your hair is dyed at that damn school and they'll bother me about it. 2. I can't see Emily!!!!! And I told her I could!!!! Well, I'll call her later, who the heck is up before noon these days? But I do feel bad for my father- I do! But see he's fine, and I don't want to stress about it, Mom says we can go to outlets and Delia's etc etc. sigh. And had a dream about Chris last night- stupid Chris. I want him to go away, leave me alone. He's Not Worth It and I should know. I'm all jittery for like no reason. Stuff's gonna happen today, I can feel it. When school starts I'm changing this layout from the Beach Theme to a FloralRed for fall. With maybe one of those dolls at the top, the problem is they're all skanky, or they're like - never mind, they all just scare me I guess. And the guys have these chunky saggy muscles, what the heck? I didn't ask ... Well, i'm off to check my mail and go to Map Blast for mom and find delias.

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