Monday, July 16, 2012

Today is blah

I'm bored, and no one is online, argh. Mom wants to go on later, aka when everyone's on and I'm actually starting to have fun, stupidness. No one's on MSN or AIM. I've only got three buddies on MSN, Pat, Rachelle and Fern who I think has me blocked. I jave almost 90 on AIM and I don't feel like listin em.... hehe. Well, the Reading outlets were pretty fun yesterday, the Delia's kinda sucked and nothin but the tops fit me, and this one skirt. I WANT TO BE SHORT!! We got the pictures back from that Hawaiin party a few weeks ago, and there was one where I was wearing a grass skirt and a flower thing around my neck, but my head was turned so ya could see my hair which has like five little paper umbrellas in it and a plastic flamingo. Teddy wanted me to put a straw iin it...?! But I didn't, and the thing about this picture is, I look really tan (forthose of you who know me - I'M NOT!! lol, I wish I was) And the grass skirt look adds somethin i think, I'll try to scan it once we get the internet up on the Gateway. Found the school note, my orientation thingy, along with the seventh grade gray team and the falcon team is the 28th. AhdonWannago. Stupid Teddy lost the second Harry Potter book, so I'm off to look for it in hisroom that, quite frankly, smells like a pile of pig shit, ten times worse than MY room and I've got the cat living with me. You know what she did this morning? Instead of making the effort to walk all the way to her litterbox in the bathroom,she peed in a box next to the door. DUMBcat! And an hour ago my room smelled like litter and cat piss, but it was flowerscompared to Teddy's, who probably doesthe same thing as the cat.

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