Monday, July 16, 2012

Today is blah 2

I'm lookin at a picture frm USC, and thereare 6 people in it. Emily, who right now i miss and really wanna see, Maria who I miss and really wanna see, Abby who I don't miss and hope she- nvm, Alex who I don't miss and I don't know why she won't support me, Cassie who i kinda miss but have not talked to for a long time, and Caitlin who i haven't seen sinceI moved and don't miss, I never really talked to her. It's about noon now, i hope someone signs on, I was planning on going online at 1230 but mom wants on and I'd probably get like two minutes, but i wanna talk to people, prefferably the 4AM club who I've ditched for the past few days due to MOM. and me, um, I accidentally turned off the computer once, right after I said 'brb'. I can see Amanda saying like and hour later, "You know what, I don't think she'scoming back..." It's noon, and everyone else is either eating lunch or sleeping, pttttttt. I'm hungry too I guess... whoa, look how much boring stuff I can babble out. this one girl from USC just IM'ed me askin what class I was in, heh, I moved, doh! Like, almost a year ago, it will be in January. But this time last year I didn't know I was moving, I knew there was a chance but I was so thrilled for seventh grade. So here i am talking about USC teams with Abby, she's in team 6, Fazio. (snort.... I know you all know why I want to know that)

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