Monday, July 16, 2012

Since Fern felt he ought to diss me in his diary, I figure i'll show him what some of the people that the forwarded the e-mail to think :

Jazzberr18- Amanda iAMaMISFIT13- Ivan PPR9914- me Fastand FuriousF1- Chris PPR58- Maria *** Jazzberry18: listen here, stupid british fuck! roflmao PPR9914: i have an alert for him.. that is how weird i am PPR9914: u gotta see what I am sayin to him Jazzberry18: oh, i have an alert for my more important buddies Jazzberry18: liz, r u signing the British fuck's diary? Jazzberry18: guestbook* Jazzberry18: not diary iAMaMISFIT13: liz, what's his sn, if he has one? Jazzberry18: hahai let him have it Jazzberry18: his dland ? iAMaMISFIT13: no his aim sn Jazzberry18: oh PPR9914: doesnt got one PPR9914: otherwise I'd kick his ass via IM Jazzberry18: lol PPR9914: yes!! PPR9914: amanda you signed... lemme count Jazzberry18: lol PPR9914: 10! PPR9914: i signed twice Jazzberry18: hah PPR9914: fixed a typo Jazzberry18: horray for boobies! Jazzberry18: no really, horray for guestbooks! PPR9914: how is it obvious that i found itnecessary to lie? Jazzberry18: it aint no lie Jazzberry18: bye bye Jazzberry18: huh? Jazzberry18: hes stupid Jazzberry18: he thinks he knows it all, but he dont know shit PPR9914: what a weirdo Jazzberry18: he thinks hes hot shit, but really hes a cold terd PPR9914: his friends'll be dissing me in my GB anytime now PPR9914: LOL PPR9914: LOLOL Jazzberry18: i'll go to your guestbook and diss them back PPR9914: haha! PPR9914: youre so amazing Jazzberry18: omg wait a minute Jazzberry18: he has FRIENDS? Jazzberry18: lol PPR9914: he thinks hes hot shit, but hes really a cold terd Jazzberry18: haha PPR9914: ivan what do u think? iAMaMISFIT13: it was his choice to say tha, and he intitled to his opinion Jazzberry18: hmm, he implied that it would be exciting if your school was shotup, you dont have nothing to say PPR9914: i don't think that's a good thingfor him to say iAMaMISFIT13: i wouldn't care less if my school was shot up iAMaMISFIT13: unless a friend of mine got hurt Jazzberry18: so wut if your girlfriend's school was shot up? iAMaMISFIT13: or i got hurt iAMaMISFIT13: he never implied anything

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