Monday, July 16, 2012

Since Fern felt he ought to diss me in his diary, I figure i'll show him what some of the people that the forwarded the e-mail to think : 2

iAMaMISFIT13: he just said his opinion and i respect that he's not afraid wht youmay say back PPR9914: um, yes he did! PPR9914: he was insulting America! PPR9914: don't you have any pride?! iAMaMISFIT13: im not american Jazzberry18: the point is, he was not onlyinsulting liz, he was insulting us ALL Jazzberry18: you live here Jazzberry18: dont u? iAMaMISFIT13: so iAMaMISFIT13: i was born in ukraine iAMaMISFIT13: and i am not american, i lied in ukraine for 6 years PPR9914: ivan, so you'd LIKE britain to bomb us PPR9914: and insult us PPR9914: u live HERE, not ukraine PPR9914: and this isnt about ukraine PPR9914: so it's okay! iAMaMISFIT13: britain would never bomb or insult us PPR9914: HELLO? PPR9914: he jsut did!! iAMaMISFIT13: i don't care if i live here iAMaMISFIT13: my whole fucking family is back there iAMaMISFIT13: alright cept my parents PPR9914: but your whole fucking life is here iAMaMISFIT13: he aid it NOT britain iAMaMISFIT13: *said PPR9914: but he is british Jazzberry18: he is part of britian PPR9914: and plus, he insulted MY country Jazzberry18: and you know they all thinkthat way iAMaMISFIT13: his opinions are probably not shared be britain Jazzberry18: ha, ya iAMaMISFIT13: so fucking what, if a chineese guys aid ithat you wouldn't care iAMaMISFIT13: about china iAMaMISFIT13: you'd care about him PPR9914: and THAT bothers me FastandFuriousF1 has entered the room. Jazzberry18: i will stick up for my country no matter which other country insults us PPR9914: but what he said was about AMERICA PPR9914: yes!! iAMaMISFIT13: i know Jazzberry18: i dont care if somebody in AMERICA fucking insults us PPR9914: ivan you live HERE not ukraine iAMaMISFIT13: so what iAMaMISFIT13: i have my own opinion PPR9914: i told him we'd kick his 'bloody'ass iAMaMISFIT13: and so does he iAMaMISFIT13: stop making me look like a bad guy PPR9914: but Jazzberry18: i am gonna beat some asses, because this is my country and people have died for years, fighting for

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