Monday, July 16, 2012

Since Fern felt he ought to diss me in his diary, I figure i'll show him what some of the people that the forwarded the e-mail to think : 6

FastandFuriousF1: okay iAMaMISFIT13: no, im not deffending him iAMaMISFIT13: i say he has a right to have an opinoin PPR9914: but need he voice it in that way Jazzberry18: and if you chose not to defend liz, why are you sticking on that guy's side? PPR9914: need he offend us and our country? FastandFuriousF1: so we're arguing about a kid from england who says america sucks, and jazz and misfit are backin him u FastandFuriousF1: up* iAMaMISFIT13: no Jazzberry18: i am not backing him up! PPR9914: no jazz is on MY side iAMaMISFIT13: he never said america sucked FastandFuriousF1: umm Jazzberry18: yeah he never said it SUCKED but he was implying that FastandFuriousF1: ok iAMaMISFIT13: no, he said it's easy to geta gun iAMaMISFIT13: here Jazzberry18: by saying that liz should be excited to see if her school will get shot up next iAMaMISFIT13: he never said exited PPR9914: yes he did PPR9914: actually iAMaMISFIT13: he did? Jazzberry18: ummm yah he did iAMaMISFIT13: oph PPR9914: because i asked if everyone was excisted for school iAMaMISFIT13: well, that's different PPR9914: and he replied that you should only be excited for shootings FastandFuriousF1: kid sounds like a jerk iAMaMISFIT13: wait, i want to read the mail one mor time PPR9914: he is iAMaMISFIT13: so i can be clear on what he said exacrly FastandFuriousF1 has left the room. PPR9914: damnit PPR9914: o well, this is more important iAMaMISFIT13: brb::reading email:: Jazzberry18: "the most excitement u should feel is in wondering whether yours'll be one of the ones to get shot up Jazzberry18: this year" PPR9914: ivan he sent it to everyone iAMaMISFIT13: oh, now that's not right PPR9914: see? PPR9914: not all schools get shot up! iAMaMISFIT13: yeah PPR9914: and i doubt ours will PPR9914: we;re only 13-14 iAMaMISFIT13: but he has a point when he says it can happen anywhere Jazzberry18: i'm sorry, but he is making something serious seem like some sort of everyday thing in America iAMaMISFIT13: so, all the connors out there

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