Monday, July 16, 2012

Since Fern felt he ought to diss me in his diary, I figure i'll show him what some of the people that the forwarded the e-mail to think : 7

iAMaMISFIT13: so, all the connors out there PPR9914: i know!! PPR9914: its like an every year thing iAMaMISFIT13: it is PPR9914: not even that iAMaMISFIT13: but it's enough iAMaMISFIT13: things likthat dn't need tohappen often iAMaMISFIT13: like world wars iAMaMISFIT13: only two but they made a mark iAMaMISFIT13: ok, i read the mail, and he is not right when he says exitement, because it's not exiting at all iAMaMISFIT13: i know iAMaMISFIT13: it's not good Jazzberry18: yep PPR9914: i don't like this situation at all iAMaMISFIT13: and he does insult the schools here even though he hasn't beento one iAMaMISFIT13: ok, now im really seeing your point here Jazzberry18: thank you ivan PPR9914: all he knows he like read in tabloids iAMaMISFIT13: and i do agree with you onmost of it Jazzberry18: tabloids are full of shit, mostly Jazzberry18: MARIOS! PPR58 has entered the room. iAMaMISFIT13: but i still say he has his opinions and whatever he thinks shouldn't consern us PPR9914: thas why i ssaid he was going to see a half man half alligator PPR58: yay! iAMaMISFIT13: mar Jazzberry18: MARIOS! iAMaMISFIT13: MARIOS! PPR58: what's I miss? iAMaMISFIT13: lots and lots Jazzberry18: oh man you missed a whole bunch PPR58: do tell PPR9914: about the Fern thing iAMaMISFIT13: yeah PPR9914: u gotta check his diary iAMaMISFIT13: whad ths big thing about it PPR9914: AND your email iAMaMISFIT13: yeah PPR58: yea, I got the mail PPR9914: fern PPR9914: and i have to send u what i said back iAMaMISFIT13: ok, so im on your side lixy iAMaMISFIT13: i jsut don't feel like battering him now Jazzberry18: chris is on iAMaMISFIT13: yep Jazzberry18: :-P FastandFuriousF1 has entered the room. iAMaMISFIT13: we figured it all out PPR9914: yea iAMaMISFIT13: and im on your side iAMaMISFIT13: because i re-read the email iAMaMISFIT13: and some of the stff he said was not cool at all PPR9914: amazing Jazzberry18: liz let me know when u update ur diary!

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