Monday, July 16, 2012

Since Fern felt he ought to diss me in his diary, I figure i'll show him what some of the people that the forwarded the e-mail to think : 9

PPR9914: he has before iAMaMISFIT13: not to me PPR9914: like he made fun of us and the China issues Jazzberry18: liz, did that email get sent to me? PPR9914: in a previous mail PPR9914: nope Jazzberry18: okies iAMaMISFIT13: yeah, that was not cool iAMaMISFIT13: that whole making fun of us /china PPR9914: maria u there? PPR9914: i know!!! PPR58: a way iAMaMISFIT13: well, ya know screw it, make fun of PPR58: I"m readin diaries PPR9914: like whose? Jazzberry18: lol PPR9914: did u see ferns?? iAMaMISFIT13: i don't relly ca anymo PPR9914: then leave PPR9914: or shut up PPR9914: either one iAMaMISFIT13: damned thing, so slow PPR58: yea, I saw ferns PPR9914: why do you ivan iAMaMISFIT13: liz, im not the bad guy so you fucking shut up PPR9914: always say you dont care, yet you always have to say something? FastandFuriousF1: fern is a dick PPR9914: and you feel that we should acknowledge your opinion iAMaMISFIT13: yeah FastandFuriousF1: a big english dick PPR9914: but you say you dont care Jazzberry18: lol i agree with chris iAMaMISFIT13: no, i doncare aymore PPR9914: i think we all do jazz FastandFuriousF1: he doesnt have the right to say that iAMaMISFIT13: because i don't feel like fighting for no reason PPR9914: this has a reason Jazzberry18: :grabs the fish: PPR9914: he insulted me, the schools and America iAMaMISFIT13: ok, then you fight back PPR9914: i will FastandFuriousF1: tell him not to send me crap PPR9914: i did iAMaMISFIT13: i don't really carout america;'s schools because i hate them, boring they are FastandFuriousF1: ill take him down PPR9914: i screamed at him FastandFuriousF1: does he have an im name? iAMaMISFIT13: nope Jazzberry18: ya know liz, when you werelike "shot up" earlier..... I thought hewas saying "shut up" in a british Jazzberry18: accent PPR9914: LOL Jazzberry18: lol Jazzberry18: i was like okay just tell him to shot the fock up back iAMaMISFIT13: shot op yuo stupid rrot Jazzberry18: shot the fock up you bloodyfocker!

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