Monday, July 16, 2012

Since Fern felt he ought to diss me in his diary, I figure i'll show him what some of the people that the forwarded the e-mail to think : 10

iAMaMISFIT13: seriously liz, he's rigwhen hays tht it's easy to get a gun here iAMaMISFIT13: everywhere but here it's very hard ot get oe PPR9914: but that;s not why i am mad iAMaMISFIT13: i know that is a fact PPR9914: everyone knows its easy to get a gun Jazzberry18: but why all of a sudden did he bring that up Jazzberry18: i mean, out of the blue he brought it up, like he's been wanting to say that to an american for a while PPR9914: and plus, hello ivan!!! he insulted ME and AMERICA and the schools and the people! PPR9914: DOH iAMaMISFIT13: because that may have supported his school shootings thing, i don't aproove what he said iAMaMISFIT13: but he does piont out thatif it were harder to get a gun this probably would never have happened PPR9914: obviously none of us do iAMaMISFIT13: and he is right PPR9914: THATS NOT WHY I AM MAD iAMaMISFIT13: i know he insulted you PPR9914: I AM NOT MAD AT HIM BECAUSE OF THE GUN FACTS PPR9914: yes, thank you PPR9914: that is why i am angry iAMaMISFIT13: he didn't insult the people iAMaMISFIT13: he insulted you and the schools iAMaMISFIT13: that's it PPR9914: he said that kids shoot up schools iAMaMISFIT13: no he didn't PPR9914: ya he did!! iAMaMISFIT13: no in theemail PPR9914: in his diary he did PPR9914: and that's just the same PPR9914: he still said it, typed it whatever iAMaMISFIT13: ok, fine FastandFuriousF1: read my entry, im uncle sam Jazzberry18: lol FastandFuriousF1: its true too iAMaMISFIT13: wait, liz kids did shoot uo those schools FastandFuriousF1: in uk? iAMaMISFIT13: and his reason is why those shootings happened PPR9914: he seems to think that they alldo iAMaMISFIT13: no here FastandFuriousF1: i know iAMaMISFIT13: he never said they all do PPR9914: he implied it PPR9914: but i am still offended Jazzberry18: we should all be lawyers PPR9914: and i am also very personally offended Jazzberry18: merry christmas, happy holidays! FastandFuriousF1: LOL liz PPR9914: he KNEW he was sending it to all my friends iAMaMISFIT13: ok, you're offended, i got it

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