Monday, July 16, 2012

Today was usual... hah

Well, I woke up around three, and I was forced to clean. Nothin much happened today until we got The Call. Mom: You Father got in a car wreck. Me: WHAT?! Is he oaky? Mom: Yes, he's fine. Me: How's the car? Mom: I don't know Me: Are we still going to Pittsburgh this weekend? Mom YOUR FATHER IS IN A NECK BRACE DON'T EVEN BOTHER ME ABOUT PITT- Me: YOU SHOULD HAVE TOLD ME! YOU SAID HE WAS FINE!! Mom : Look, I gotta go Me: fine, bye... And now I'm not stressed, I'm Super-Stressed. iAMaMISFIT13: what's prophets problem? PPR9914: i dont know!! PPR9914: we all were over it! PPR9914: HE BULLIED US DAMNIT Jazzberry18: i know Jazzberry18: how old is this guy, exactly? PPR9914: 18 PPR9914: or so he claims Jazzberry18: cause he talks like he's 70 PPR9914: LOL Jazzberry18: actin all sophisticated with those big ass words Jazzberry18: *roll eyes* lol PPR9914: thinkin hes gonna get published or something PPR9914: i know!! Jazzberry18: Yea, published for WAT? lol Yea... so we were all over it, talking about my dad's car wreck, but since obviously this situation doesn't bother HIM at all, he provokes it. I'm so damn stressed about this whole Chris thing... but I don't know if I want to get into it, it's way complex and all I can say is that HE. LIED. and I wrote HIM a litte six reasons, it's his turn to be majorly offended! I'll post them later when I takea trip to Hotmail. But remember last nite I said something about someone online? Yea, I don't know if I've mentioned LuvBot yet,i probably have, lol. He's amazing. That's that. And I mean amazing- not the lie I told chris, stupid bastard Chris. A lot of this stress makes me sick sometimes. We got some pizza after dad got home, he called in Domino's and it was really good. Then Teddy got online and mom and I walked across the street to the ale house and mom bought some beer. I got home and kicked Ted off the computer, and I talked to someone over MSN! woo-hoo! Pat was on, I don't understand why he does not get AIM. Oh well.

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