Monday, July 16, 2012

argh! and late nite ramble

What I wanted to say was I think I'm getting over you.... please don't make it hard for me! But If i'm over you why does this hurt more than anything? Why do I feel like screaming, why can't I let you go? Why do you think i'm attacking you? I'm not. you are of no help. So you lied. You don't like me anymore, liar. i'm just another bitch. YOU DID IT AGAIN, YOU--- AND AFTER I SWORE I'D NEVER LET YOU, YOU DID IT AGAIN, YOU LIED AND RIPPED MY HEARTOUT! Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me... me: you did it again, you bastard! me: what do you think?! heartbreaker!! and to everyone and not just me, I am a fool! click here I was reading Cerpen666's diary, and you go girl! That guy must have been pretty flustered, but he so deserved it!!! GO YOU!! omg! I met this amazing guy online, I don't know how his screen name randomly got on my buddy list, but it did,and we talked for a while. I guess I was in one of those cool/funny moods, howcome Chris is never online when I'm in that mood? Normally he only sees the bitchy/tired side of me. And that's kind of sad, I want him to know the good points about me too! We really fight too much and i wish we didn't, it really bothers me because I hardly ever see him anymore and I miss him more than anything Good news! You all know I'm going to be in Pittsburgh this weekend, and on Saturday we're going school shopping with some people, and hopefully on Sunday I'll get to see She liked my nickname, "Lixy", the one Ivan calls me, he's so cute when he calls my lixy in a chat room! (you're right Ivan.. I don't love you lol) But anyway, i'm all a glow for this weekend, and kind of feel bad now that Fern don't like me no more, i mean, WOWbig difference, 14-15. But i guess i just don't want to be treated like a little sister, everything was going fine until he found out I wasn't15. Oh well. I'm going to go make some more 3 AM ramen noodles and read some Harry Potter then go to sleep.

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