Monday, July 16, 2012

when I say I don't care, that means, clearly, that I don't care.

================================cerpen666==== It does not mean that I'm angry, or that"I've got a problem" it means, simply, that I don't care and please leave me alone about it. thank you. Well, this Fern thing is really getting out of hand. I suppose a lot of those people that read his diary didn't know the wholestory, and how he said the only thing I should be excited about is my school possibly getting shot up. Is that right? didn't think so, but it did offend me, and that's what I'd like people to know, that I was offended, that's why I told others, who already knew anyway due to the fact that the e-mail was sent to everyone on my adress list. So, do you all understand, or do I have to simplify it for those of you who are bent on proving me wrong? I am angry at Fern because he insulted me and the schools. Maybe guns are easy to get, maybe this kind of thing does happen often. What hehas to understand is, I really like school and so do a lot of my friends, we don't want to see it get shot up, and we really don't like thinking that way! I was willing to let this go after I struggled to prove my point, but then of course everyone else wants it to drone on and on, bothering me about how horrible gun control and bothering me to respect Fern's opinions. I did respect his opinions, just not the oneabout my school getting shot up. This is why the fight started in the first place! Well, I hope you all see where I'm comingfrom. And I'd like to make this clear- that I'm not mad now, but what does make me mad is people asking 'what is your problem?' and saying 'calm down!" whenall I'm trying to tell them is I want them to stop bothering me with statistics about school shootings. I feel as if my point has most definitely been proven now, and if anyone would like to further aggrivate the situation, feel free to sign my guestbook and tell me how wrong I am.

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