Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Web disain: Building an anime themes web page part 2

Also I discourage you to NOT change the layout! Do not take out the main image and switch in one of your own! That is not only disrespectful to layout designer, but it is guaranteed that the image you swap in won't look as good asthe image which was designed with the entire layout. So you have your layout, next thing you need is a server. One of the most popular free servers on the internet is Freewebs. It's absolutely free, has minimal pop up adds, and is easy to use. Of course there's also the traditional free servers,angel fire, tripod and geocities, but they have been erased with the new free hosting spaces like mister.net, bravenetand more. Next you'll have to set up your webpage,so like it or not you'll have to learn several basic HTML codes. (Don't worry they're very easy.) (As a note I can't type out the exact commands because Helium keeps reading them as actual HTML)The basic two that you must knoware the new paragraph/end paragraph and break codes. Every piece of HMTL must be put between these. < >, there won't be a space between the greater than/less than symbols, just theletters and correct slashes. To get around the HTML block here, I'll be using ( and) instead of the < , and >. So the new paragraph coding would be (p), and then once you've finished the paragraph you type (/p). Similarly, to put a break between two paragraphs type (br). Similarly there is (i) and (/i) for italicizing text, (b) and (/b) for bolding text and (u) and (/u) for underlining. (The text you want to italicize/bold/underline goes in between the coding.) Once you understand and remember these basic commands you'll be fine, therest is simply copy and pasting.

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