Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Web disain: Building an anime themes web page part 4

The funny numbers/symbols in front of the More Links< whatever you want thatsection to be named. (Do not delete and of the < signs, just the text in between them. That is always what you'll be renaming.) (You'll probably have a minimum of three or four links underneath it, so make it something thatrelates to the entire section.) Then remember those blank pages you named? Find their address (You can do that by opening them with your internet browser) it'll be something like: www.freewebs/exampleID/examplepage.html Take that address and copy and paste it between the quotation marks where it simply says "link". That part is what directs you to the right page. Then, put the title of the page in the >Your link here!< part. That's the text that shows up on the link in the webpage, so it doesn't have to say examplepage', you can completely change it, it doesn't matter. Go through and do that for every link/heading. When you're done with the save your progress, then copy and paste this main index file in to all of your pages. (All of the pages will keep the same basic framework. The only thing that changes on them is their basic content.) Once you're done with this you'll want togo through every page and write in your content using the paragraph and paragraph break commands. If you want to create a link to a file, or display an image then use the tools your web server provides you with. As you're doing this you may want to keep in mind that you'll want an affiliateor two. Affiliates are webpages that are your friends'. They put up links to your webpage, and you put up links to their webpage. The idea is that you generate and share hits. Eventually as you continue to update your webpage, you'll get more HTML savvy whether you want to or not. Somefuture goals you may want to pursue arean update icon, getting a shout box, perhaps a message board, maybe even aguest book. Often times your web servers provide FAQs and how to's, and the webpages I mentioned earlier also have a lot of tutorials as well. Good luck and happy web

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