Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Web disain: Building an anime themes web page part 3

The major things you'll have to adjust when you load your layout to your free host/server are the links and images. It all depends on the way your layout is organized. The links will take your readers to other parts of the webpage. So for starters in your file server you'll have to make an index page for the mainpage, and how ever many more pages you desire. Each page you create NAME something that is easy, simple, and will relate to the information you decide to place on it. (If the layout has more links then you want to use, just delete them.) Once you have all of the pages up (but empty) open your layout in NOTEPAD. It will open up to a bunch of confusing and jumbled HTML. This is what your webpage really is, a bunch of commandsthat tell the internet what to display. Select ALL of the jargon and words, copyand past it into the index page. (Your fileserver will have something similar to notepad in which you copy and paste thetext into.) Similarly, you must also upload all of your pictures that deal withthe layout into your server. Next go through and change the links and headings (In HTML mode). They'll beeasy to find. They'll be somewhere near the top of the layout and look somethinglike this. (Remember, I use () instead of < and >.) (p class="menu")More Links(/p)(/center) § (a href="link" )Your link here!(/a)(br) § (a href="link" )Your link here!(/a) (br) § (a href="link" )Your link here!(/a) (br) (It is notable this is a fragment of a Daystar Design layout made by its webmaster.)

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