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What google panda? 1

Panda isn't just another update to the search algorithm, many of which we have seen over the years. One of the special things about Panda is that it useshuman reviewers to rate sites. No, not all sites are rated by humans but there isa sample of sites where human reviewers make the evaluation and aftera pattern in reviewing is noticed, the job is continued by machines, which presumably use the same criteria as humans. So, if you have made the mistake to optimize your site only for bots, now you will be hit right between the eyes.
Panda is aimed at improving the quality of search results by removing low quality, spammy entries from the first positions. The first victims were the so called content mills but the later updates hit many other types of sites as well. What these sites had in common was that they had tons of useless content that was artificially pushed to the top results pages. Many sites who are (or considered themselves) no content mills were hit pretty hard because they exhibited similarities to content farms and if you don't want to be the next victim, or if you have alreadybeen hit yourself and wonder how to get back on your feet, here are some tips to help you.
How to Counteract Panda?

1 No Multiple Pages with the Same Keyword:

The reason why content mills were slapped the hardest by Panda is that they had many (in some cases in the thousands!) pages with the same keyword. When you have multiple authors and you give them the freedom to choose what to write about, you will obviously end with multiple pages that use the same lucrative keywords. But it isn't only the content mills where you can find 100s of pages with the “how to get an ex back”, 1,000s about “acai berry”, etc. If your site has multiple pages that target the same keyword, getrid of them immediately because this is simply drowning you.
2 Duplicate Anchor Text and Links from Article Directories/Low Quality Sites:

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