Sunday, July 22, 2012

What google panda? 2

2 Duplicate Anchor Text and Links from Article Directories/Low Quality Sites:
Backlinks are very important but as you know it is quality backlinks that matter. This is why Panda penalized sites with tons of backlinks from article directoriesor other content sites because these sites are deemed low quality. Additionally, when the anchor text of your backlinks is always the same (and it has a keyword in it), this is more than suspicious that this link hasn't been created naturally. This is why it is best if you use multiple variations of your keywords (or even better – multiple keywords) as the anchor text of backlinks. For instance, if your keyword is “how to get an ex back”, you can also use “how to reunite with ex”, “how to reconcile with an ex lover”, etc.
3 Clean Your WHOLE Site:
Panda is a site-wide penalty and as a result, even if you have some really outstanding pages but you also have lotsof so-so ones, your whole site will suffer. The only solution here is to fix or remove the low quality ones and wait for the crawlers to come.
4. Get Rid of Autogenerated Content and Roundup/ComparisonType of Pages:
Autogenerated pages have nothing to dowith quality and this is why they are especially unpopular now. Roundups/comparison types of pages can also hurt you because these don't have much original content in them. These factors are the reason why so many shopping sites where these comparison pages are so numerous are hit by Panda. If you run a shopping site, your task isn't easy because you can't get rid of these completely but if you add original content to them, this increases your chances to get your rankings back.
5 No Pages with 1-2 Paragraphs of Text Only :
Since these pages are easier to create, many webmasters started populating their sites with such short pages in order to increase the number of pages of the site. Now the rules have changed and these pages with 1-2 paragraphs of text can damage your rankings. Add more text or remove the pages – these are the two options you have.

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