Sunday, July 22, 2012

What google panda? 3

6. Panda Likes New Content:
News and recent stuff have always beenloved by search engines but with Panda this is even more important. This includes news but also recently updated pages. In fact, about 35% of searches will be affected because preference will be given to current pages. Well, this is hardly a reason to turn your site into a news machine but if you try to update your content as frequently as you can, this will help.
7. No Scraped Content:
With Panda, scraped content is (almost) as bad as duplicate content. If you are using spun articles, this can seriously hurt you. While with article sites you have more freedom in rewording your content, with descriptions on shopping sites it is trickier because if you have to stay factual, there aren't unlimited waysto reword a short 100-200 word description. Still, try to make your descriptions as original as possible.
8 Be Careful with Affiliate Links and Ads :
Tons of outbound links is bad but tons of affiliate links on a page is even worse - too many of them on a page and you willbe Pandalized. This is why you need to cut the number of affiliate links on a page. For a better effect, you can also make them nofollow, if possible. The number of ads on a page also plays role with Panda and the rule is: the fewer, the better. Keep only the highest profitable ads (i.e. the ones that are really making you money and let the rest go.

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