Thursday, August 09, 2012

10 Practical Suggestions For Fostering a Successful Website

1.) Write every idea and task you have down. Ideas
can easily be forgotten and never used. Plus you can
miss tasks that need to be done, which ismuch worse.
2.) Keep a pad of paper for spur of the moment ideas.
A lot of times you might have a great idea on the
bus or in the elevator. By the time you get to
your house or office, you can forget that you even
had a good idea, nonetheless what the idea was.
3.) Always spell check every document before you send
it to a customer or a prospective customer. It seems
like a simple idea but I notice spelling mistakes on
the documents of some of the best internet marketers.
4.) Read all your business literature out loud and
emphasize each word. This really helps you make sure
no words are omitted, a very common mistake. Plus,
you can tell if you used a wrong word because the
sentence will sound strange.
5.) Have at least one extra person read your literature.
I personally feel it is impossible for anyone to spot
every mistake. One of my college professors said that
even he overlooks the same misspelled word several
times. With two or more people checkingthe documents
you'll be able to spot almost every mistake.
6.) Paste your most common misspelled words into
another document and study them so you don't make them
over again.
7.) If you would like your site to be in English but
you don't speak it well, consider making an offer
with someone who speaks English fluently. They could
help so that your page reads well in English and you
can translate their page into your native language.
8.) Frequent popular forums and message boards. This
will keep you up to date with the latest trends in
internet marketing.
9.) It can be very easy to get smothered in daily
e-mails. So create some saved responses to common
questions. This will save you a lot of time since
you don't have to type them over and over again.
Make sure to add the person's name to make it look
10.) Always get your visitors to subscribe to some
kind of mailing list. You work very hard to get
your visitors,

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