Monday, August 06, 2012

Google to Crowdsource Recommendations?

In the past few weeks, Google has introduced a recommendation bar to Google Plus, and Facebook has introduced their own recommendation bar as well. The Facebook recommendation bar appears like it will only show up when you’re on Facebook at this point, but the Google Recommendation Bar will appear when you hover over a “g +1″ button on a site that you’re visiting, and will show you recommendations from that site.
A Google patent application that came out last week showed a different variation of a recommendation bar, and a screenshot from the patent filing shows what could have been, or might be sometime in the future. Here’s a glimpse:In addition to providing recommendations, the interface from this patent filing will also let you vote upand vote down content from the site andfrom other sites as well. The patent filing is:
Web-Wide Content Quality Crowd Sourcing
Invented by Leon G. Palm, Doug Coker, Colby D. Ranger, Daniel J. Berlin, Helen V.Hunt, Ethan C. Ambabo, and John D. Westbrook
US Patent Application 20120197979
Published August 2, 2012
Filed: January 23, 2012
Method, computer-readable media, and systems for centralizing votes submitted for content items hosted on multiple distinct and uncoordinated content sources, and ranking the contentitems against one another across the multiple distinct and uncoordinated content sources based on the centralized votes are disclosed.
Recommendations of content items hosted by an original content source can be provided to users on the content interfaces of other content sources and additional votes for the recommended content items can be collected through the voting controls accompanying the recommend content items on the content interfaces of these other content sources.---------------------------Pleas visit for all read article
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