Tuesday, August 14, 2012

optimization of Old and new website

I often come across facts everyone
asking to me how to optimize a
website, and sometimes they don't
know difference between optimizing
an old website and a new website.
Here I am going to elaborate
difference between the both.
Optimization of a brand new
1. Before starting optimization of a
website make sure all the links are
working.This is to confirm that there
is no broken link in the website.
2. Try to call all the CSS and java
scripts from out site of web pages.
This will help in reducing text/code
ratio on the web pages.
3. Make sure every important page
can be reached in three clicks from
home page.
4. List out important terms better
known as "keywords" related to your
business. This is a very crucial step. I
would suggest you to think about the
purpose of your website and what
exactly you are going to offer
through it. List out your services or
5. Based on your services and
products, check out how much
searches those words has and pick
best of them. For each unique
services or products you should focus
on 4-5 keywords. For example if you
want to sell Nokia 500 mobile phone,
then your keywords should be Buy
Nokia 500, Cheap Nokia 500, Nokia 500
Mobile phone, Buy Nokia 500 Online
and so on. Same for every services
and products.
6. Put these keywords at prominent
place of the web page
- Meta Title Tag (very important)
- Content of the pages.
- Meta Description tag.
- Header tags most important is H1
and So on (from h1 to h6).
- Use your keywords in alt tags at the
7. URL of the web pages should be
search engine friendly. This helps to
boost up your SEO and to apply this
you have to use hyphens "-"in place
of underscores "_".
8. Install tracking code on all your
9. Create profile on social media site
like facebook, twitter,google and
many more similar websites.
10. Create some quality back links for
the website.
11. Start tracking your efforts
through SERPs and traffic spikes.

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