Tuesday, August 14, 2012

How Google Analytics Help you in Getting more from your website and How useful webmaster tool for SEO

1st of all you must set goal for your
business. The goals could be
anything from below list
URL destination Goal: If your website
offers something for which user's
need to register on your website then
thankyou or order confirmation page
will the right page to be put in url
destination goal.
Visitor engagement Goals
Visit Duration Goal:These goals are
extremly helpful of website those
aim to make visitors stay for long
time. This is best
Gaming websites, news website and
similar websites.
Pages/Visit Goal: These goals are
useful for content rich website like
wikipedia and similar sites.
Event Tracking Goal: These goals are
useful for website on which various
downloads occurs, gaming websites,
websites like youtube and similar
sites .
after setting suitable goals for your
website you assign some goal value
to your goals. Once this gets done.
Login in to your Google Analytics
account then click on content then
site content then all page. Now in the
main table check for last colum that
is Page value. By clicking on this you
will get values shorted in descending
order. Now check which pages has
highest value. These page are
highest converting pages of your
website/webportal you can idea from
these pages to optimize other pages.
How useful webmaster tool
for SEOs
No other tool is as helpful as Google
webmaster tool for your website.
This tool provide every information
about your website there are 5 main
tab in GWT namely
- Configuration
- Health
- Traffic
- Optimization
- Labs
The things I like most about this tool
- Traffic
- Health
Under traffic the best part is search
queries, here you can look for various
search queries in this check out
impressions and avg. positions of the
keywords. I would suggest the
keywords having good impressions
and ranking under top 50 pick these
keywords and optimize your website
for these keywords will help you in
gaining extra traffic.

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