Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Introduction to Local SEO Strategies And What is Qualified Traffic and Why is it Important?

Small and medium sized businesses
face a variety of challenges in tough
economic times. The most trying of
these challenges is developing
qualified customer leads to help
maintain or grow the business. For
some businesses, how they choose to
spend their marketing budget can be
a make-or-break decision.
When deciding how to spend those
marketing dollars, consider your
target market. If you're a small or
medium sized bricks and mortar
business or even a business that
provides products and services to a
specific location, adding a targeted
Local Search Engine Optimization
(Local SEO) strategy to your
marketing plan is a smart decision.target the mostLocal SEO strategies
qualified search engine traffic
available that turn into solid sales
leads or conversions on your
business' Website. Qualified traffic to
a local business is LOCAL people who
are actively searching online for a
product or service that they sell.
It's a pretty simple concept, really. If
the people searching are local to
your area, they are much more likely
to purchase your product or service
than someone who isn't in your local
area. If your bricks and mortar
company is located in Atlanta,
Georgia, you don't want to target
potential clients in Eugene, Oregon -
you want to find new customers in
Atlanta, Georgia!
BecauseLocal SEO strategies
specifically target these qualified
searchers, local SEO provides higher
conversion rates and maximum
return on investment (ROI).
What is Local SEO?
Local SEO Defined
Local SEO is a specialized branch of
Search Engine Optimization that
focuses specifically on geo-specific
targets. Search Engine Optimization
companies that executeLocal SEO
strategiesfor their clients will utilize
geo-specific modifiers for targeted
keywords that people are searching
You might be saying to yourself what
does that mean?
Again, it's a pretty simple concept. If
you're located in Atlanta, Georgia
and your company specializes in
residential roofing projects, your
Local SEO consultant will identify
targeted keywords related to your
services that specifically use the
word "Atlanta" in them or a nearby
series of zip codes. Example targeted
keyword phrase: "Atlanta Roofing
Contractors" or "Roofing Contractors
Local SEO Strategies
By focusing on the local market,
you're targeting qualified search
traffic from your local area who are
far more likely to hire you for your
services than someone outside of
your local market.

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