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Optimization Rings Troubles For Your Blog.

can turn your blog upside down if it
senses any diversion on your page.
So, through this article I will be
conveying the important message of
where to put a full stop when it
comes to handling the SEO of your
blog articles.
SEO or search engine optimization
has been misused a number of
times. You will come across a
number of websites or blogs that
use jumble up keywords in their
article’s headline, body and meta
descriptions in order to sneak past
others in Google search results. This
measure used to warrant a top spot
for a lot of them until recently
Google took all this into account.
The Google Penguin update is the
latest algorithm update which tends
to push these websites down to the
bottom. A number of these ‘over
optimized’ websites are no longer
even indexed on Google.
So, the question that arises is that
where to put the full stop in order to
prevent the page from getting
Over Optimization?
The truth is no one knows that.
Even in case of Google, you might
notice some anomalies in the search
results with some of the seemingly
over optimized websites, covering
the top. Even the best of the SEO
experts have to bang their heads
before fully understanding the
search capacity of search engines
like Google.
In all these circumstances, our job is
to adopt the best practices possible
and abstain from crossing the limits.
Here are 3 things that I would
suggest you should do in order to
prevent your blog from havocs of
over optimization and saving
yourself from the
Google Penguin
1. Stop Following the traditional
Google algorithm has been upgraded
way beyond thinking. In order to
keep yourself into the competition,
start thinking differently. Stop using
the same keywords in your headline
tags over and over again as to even
a normal reader these look really
awkward. Forget about
keyword density, concentrate on
writing quality content. If a sentence
requires that keyword and cannot be
completed without it then only use
that keyword.
2. Stop Writing for Bots, Start Writing
for People:
Yes, Write for your blog readers not
for bots!
A search engine bot might span your
content but it is read only by a
human being who is fully capable of
judging your content. Not that bots
haven’t got the intelligence for
judging your stuff as I have
discussed earlier the advancement
of Google’s code. So, in order to
attain the best results start writing
quality stuff for readers and in
return the search engine bots will
favor you as well.
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Content For Readers
3. Limit your Blog’s accessibility to
Google crawlers:
Each blog has a number of units
ranging from categories to pages.
Nowadays, even the attachments
get a separate page and URL. In
order to prevent these useless pages
from getting into search results, you
have to limit access to your blog.
The reason I called these useless is
because categories and pages links
never get exposure in the search
engine while attachment URLs
might increase your Google image
search traffic but in the long run it
will damage your overall traffic and
trust of your readers who would be
simply looking on some bunch of
images with no text.
In order to follow these leads, you
will require some basic SEO tools and
plugins.. SEO for Yoast plugin is my
favorite as it gives a deeper insight
of links from your pages, keywords
concentration and most importantly
it redirects your attachments post to
your main article page in which this
attachment was in the first place.
You can also use the
SEO pressor plugin
Have I missed any points about seo
over optimization? Do let me know
in comments! Happy Blogging!

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